Focus On : Our Excellence Programme

26th April 2023

It’s Wednesday afternoon and students are putting on their "Jodogis" and wetsuits, and flexing their bowling arms ready for an afternoon of Excellence!

What on earth is going on at Carrington you might ask? This is just a normal Wednesday afternoon here at school for our KS3 students who all take part in our Excellence Programme - a collection of activities that give students the opportunity to try out a wide range of amazing activities that they may not otherwise get the chance to experience.

Each term students are asked to make choices from a great variety of activities and they spend the next half term taking part and learning new skills.

This term we have on offer:

Aqua Sports



Battle Tactics

British Theatre Academy

Drawing & Painting

Carrington Chef


Football Academy

Judo for Beginners

Plastic Free School



Short Mat Bowls

Striking and Fielding

Well-Being Circle Time

Yoga & Meditation


For more information take a look at our Excellence Programme HERE.