Student Achievements 2021 & 2020

The resilience and strong work ethic demonstrated by our Year 11 students over these strange and most challenging of times, has been so impressive throughout the two extended lockdowns they experienced and the restricted conditions they came back into school to during their GCSE courses.

Despite everything, they have excelled both academically and personally for themselves, for their families and for us.

We know the future is bright for you all!

Pictured here is Jamie Rolt, with mum Jacqui Tracey who is our Acting Head of English, both really delighted with his outstanding EIGHT 7+ grades.

Many of our students came into school on Thursday 12 August to collect their results, some brought parents along too for moral support! We were pleased to be able to capture some of the exciting moments as they opened their envelopes.

What a Line-Up! Outstanding GCSE results achieved, 2021

What a Line-Up! Outstanding GCSE results achieved by these students, 2021

Highest flyers from 2020