Our Library Antares

Our talented Librarians Mrs Cooper-Evans and Mrs Keohane work together tirelessly to promote a love of reading and of storytelling, and welcome everyone to the calm sanctuary of our beautiful Library, Antares.

For World Book Day 2024 they have prepared a Who's Who Quiz of staff members as young people and their favourite book from that time - can you guess who these kids are?

And the Big Reveal... Click below to find out who all those staff members are!

We've got loads more going on through the week as well:

Now more than ever, it is critical that we help and encourage our young people to nurture a habit of reading for pleasure, that will hopefully become a lifelong love. The benefits of this are so well-proven and range from supporting emotional and mental well-being, to developing empathy, through to building a vocabulary that will give them an edge in the future and support their achievements in all areas of the curriculum.


We use an Online System for our Library, called Accessit, that allows students to browse the library shelves, reserve books, renew loans and post reviews of books they have enjoyed from home or while out and about via their phone.