Our Staff

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Please use the staff member's first initial and surname from the form below and add @carringtonschool.org, for example radam@carringtonschool.org

ADAM Miss R Head of Year 8, Teacher of Drama
AKBAR Mrs M Teaching Assistant
AKHAVAN Miss A Assistant Headteacher - Inclusion, Teacher of Humanities
AVERY Mrs L Second in Charge of Science, Teacher of Science, 9 Barrow
BARKER Mrs S Teacher of English, 7 Darwin
BARKER Mr S Teacher of PE, Cover Teacher, 7 Austen
BASSIM Mrs R Teaching Assistant
BASSO Mrs M Senior Deputy Headteacher, Teacher of Technology
BELL Mrs R Teacher of Humanities 
BIBI Miss A Teacher of Science, 9 Turing
BLACKWELL Mrs A Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of Humanities
BREMNER Mrs K Teaching Assistant
BROWN Ms K Teacher of Maths
BUCHANAN Mrs S Teaching Assistant
BURGESS Mrs L Behaviour Support Coordinator, Stream 9
BURRELL Mrs S Food and Art Technician
CAMERON Dr A Teacher of Science, 9 Turing
CARTER Mrs S Admissions Officer & Administrative Assistant
CARTWRIGHT Mrs T Administrative Assistant
CHASE Mr G Teacher of History & RE, Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator
COLMAN Mrs H Senior Administrator, Marketing & Communications
COOKE Mr J Teacher of Technology, 10 Turing
COOPER-EVANS Mrs R Librarian
DANIELS, Mr W Teacher of Science
DAVIS Mr G ICT Manager
DAVIS Mrs S Head of Year 11, Teacher of PE
DEANE Miss F Subject Leader Performing Arts, & Excellence, 8 Turing
DIETRICH Mrs N Teacher of English, 8 Seacole
Ehren Mrs K HR Officer
EMPTAGE Mr A Teaching Assistant
EMPTAGE Mrs B Learning Support Coordinator
EVANS Mrs V Data, Reporting & Assessment Assistant
EVERETT Mr J Senior Science Technician & Extended Curriculum Coordinator
FERREIRA Mr N Caretaker
FIELD, Mr J Teacher of Maths, 7 Barrow
FINCH Mr A Subject Leader Personal Development, Teacher of Religious Studies, 8 Barrow
FISH Ms L PA to Headteacher
FROST Mrs P Teacher of Humanities, 10 Hawking 
GARDNER Mr J Cover Teacher
GRACE Mrs S Year 8 Student Hub Coordinator (Joint)
GRAY Mrs K Associate Assistant Head - School Improvement Lead
HANDS Miss V Teacher of Music, 7 Turing
HANSON Mr J Second in Charge of PE, Teacher of Maths, 10 Barrow
HAQ Mrs R Teacher of English, 9 Seacole
HEARD Mrs A Year 9 Student Hub Coordinator
HOWELL Mrs S Exams Officer
HUTCHINGS Mrs K Science Technician
HYDE Miss N Teacher of Geography, 9 Seacole
INCE Mrs S Attendance Officer & Administrator
IND Miss R Teacher of Art, Lead Practitioner, School Direct Lead, 11 Barrow
IVES Mr M Director of Maths
JHUBOO Mr D Teacher of Maths, 10 Austen
JOHNSON Mrs S Science Technician
KAY, Mr N Teacher of English, 7 Nightingale
KENDALL Mrs V Head of Faculty, Design & Technology 
KEOHANE Mrs H Librarian
KNIGHT Mr P Caretaker
KNIGHT Mrs S Year 8 Student Hub Coordinator (Joint)
LAWRENCE Mrs L Year 10 Student Hub Coordinator
LEE Mr E Premises Manager
LEE Miss S Senior IT Technician
LEUNG Mrs A Teacher of Science, 9 Turing
LOCKHART Mrs F Head of Year 9 (Joint), Subject Leader Drama
LOCKHART Mr M Assistant Headteacher - KS4, Teacher of PE
LOUGHRAN Mrs E Subject Leader Business, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
LOWE Mrs E Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages, 8 Darwin
MADDOX Mrs B Subject Leader Dance, Teacher of PE, 11 Hawking
MADEN Mrs E School Business Manager
MARTIN Mr D Senior Leader, Teacher of Maths
MASSEY Mrs K  Teaching Assistant
MCCARRON Miss K Teacher of English, 7 Hawking
MCGRAIN Mrs E Year 7 Student Hub Coordinator
MESSINA-PERSAD Mrs N Subject Leader Religious Studies, 9 Austen
MILES Mr I Community Partnership Coordinator, Teacher of Humanities, 11 Darwin
MILLER-DANVERS Mrs R Head of Year 7, Teacher of English
MITCHELL Mr A Teacher of Technology, Senior Tutor, 10 Darwin
MUENDO Mr A Teacher of Maths, 10 Nightingale
NOLAN Mrs S Subject Leader PE
OAKEY Mrs S Head of Year 9 (Joint), Teacher of Geography
OAKLEY Miss K Headteacher
OMITOLA Mr T Teacher of Business & Computer Science
ORSINI Mr F Teacher of Spanish, 11 Austen
OSBORNE Miss S Teacher of History & RE, Senior Tutor, 11 Nightingale
OUTHWAITE Mrs H Teacher of Maths, 11 Seacole
PACAUD Mrs P Teaching Assistant
PEARCE Mrs J Careers Lead
POWELL Mr H Teacher of Food Technology, 10 Seacole
PRICE Miss A Teacher of Science, Senior Tutor, 8 Hawking
QUAYNOR Miss M Finance Officer
REYNOLDS Mrs S Student Attendance Officer
RIZVI, Dr A Teacher of Science
ROBINSON Mrs S Subject Leader Science, Teacher of Science
ROLT Mr S Deputy Headteacher, Teacher of Science
SAXBY Ms Y Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages, 8 Chaplin
SCOTT Mrs N Subject Leader Art
SHAH Mr A Science KS3 & STEM Coordinator, Teacher of Science, 11 Turing
SHAW Mrs H Second in Charge of English & Literacy, 8 Austen
SIMKINS Miss E Finance Manager
SMITH Mr A Senior Leader - Timetabling, Teacher of Science
SMITH Mrs J Administrative Assistant
SMYTHE Mrs C Subject Leader Modern Foreign Languages, 8 Nightingale
SORENSEN Mr K Director of Inclusion, SENCo
SPOONER Mrs V Teaching Assistant
STAFFORD Mr B Senior Leader Emerging Technologies, Teacher of Maths
STAFFORD Mrs H Cover Teacher
TAYLOR Mr P Behaviour Support Coordinator, Stream 11
THOMPSON Miss C Caretaker
THIRKILL, Mr A Subject Leader Humanities, 7 Seacole
TOPP Mrs J Year 11 Student Hub Coordinator
TULLY Mrs S Science Technician
TURNER Mr S Design Technology Technician 
WADE Mrs B Teaching Assistant, Emotional Literacy Support Assistant
WALKER Mrs L HR & Cover Administrator
WILLIAMS Mrs C Associate Assistant Headteacher DICE Y7 & Y8, Teacher of English
WINTER Mr S Subject Leader Music, 9 Hawking
WOOD Mrs C Director of English
WREN Mr D Head of Year 10, Teacher of PE
XAVIER Mr C Subject Leader Computer Science, 10 Hawking