Summer Challenges


Keep a diary during the summer holidays. Describe or draw at least one moment of your day each day – this could be happy, funny, annoying or sad.


Maths Summer Challenge


Go outside in the fresh air – either to the park, to your garden if you have one, to the beach, or into the woods. For 5 minutes, look up into the sky, into the trees, down to the grass or into the water – make a list of any bugs, animals, birds, fish or plants that you see.

Once you have a list, try and make at least one FOOD CHAIN from these organisms. If you don’t know how to do this, click the button below to watch this video clip.

Religious Studies

Religious Studies Challenge


Hello future Carrington historians! For your summer challenge, we would like you to tell us which famous people from history you would invite as a guest to a dinner party.. and why! We want to know who you find interesting and why you think they are important enough to invite over! You could draw a dinner table and present your guests, or just write out their names.... but you must explain why!


During the summer holiday look out for Geography and bring back one example of something you do in the summer holiday e.g a postcard from a holiday or day trip away, a photograph of somewhere you have been, a leaflet/map from an attraction you went to.

Design Technology

Design a logo for our new DT department! Express that their design could be used on our resources/booklets in future.


One of the best skills to learn and improve on is touch typing. Being more familiar with the keyboard will save you lot’s of time in class and on your journey to GCSE’s. You should plan to do 30 mins per week practice on this website.

The target to aim for is 95% accuracy and a speed of 35 words per minute. You will amazed at how quickly you pick it up!


The Tate Gallery has some great Art Challenges on their website. The website is great fun and has lots of games and quizzes to get involved in! 


Dance Summer Challenge

Modern Foreign Languages

MFL Summer Challenge