Ideas for Outside School

EXPERIENCE... a 5-day-away-from-home personal challenge, for Year 11s

The NCS (National Citizenship Scheme) subsidises young people to build their important employability skills for the future, to give their CVs and applications the edge over others competing for the same jobs and courses.

These experiences take place on various dates in July and August after the GCSE exams are over, making great use of a super-long summer break!

WATCH... The Nine to Five with Stacey Dooley

An excellent way to keep thinking about future careers, there are three series of 30-minute programmes on BBC iPlayer which follow Stacey Dooley taking five 16-18-year-olds into industries that are crying out for young workers, to give them the ultimate work experience.

VISIT... The Science Museum and the Natural History Museum

Entrance to these Museums is FREE!

There's always loads of exciting exhibitions to explore - take a look at the Science Museum's website and the Natural History Museum's website to see what might appeal to your family this autumn. 

Science Museum entry is free but booking is required

Natural History Museum entry is free but booking is required

TAKE... A Walk in Nature, In and Around Redhill

There is little as beneficial to mental, emotional and physical well-being, as a walk in nature. It ticks all the healthy mind and healthy body boxes, and provides a wonderful opportunity for easy conversation with your young people, to talk while you walk.

We are particularly lucky to have so many amazing natural areas right here on our doorstep.

This website, All Trails, is a great resource for finding the walk to suit you.