Our teachers embrace homework as an opportunity to provide activities which stretch and challenge students beyond what was covered in class that week, to add breadth and depth to their understanding of the subject content, and to carry out tasks that reinforce concepts and topics that are needed for success.

Research shows that an hour of homework per weekday evening is the equivalent of an extra years' worth of learning over the five years that students are in secondary education!

All students will be given their Homework Timetable in their first week or so of the new Academic Year, so they know what the expectations are from each subject and can plan their evening activities accordingly. 

How much homework will be set?

Key Stage 3

Subjects with 2 or more lessons a week

Subjects with lessons once a week

7 & 8

Minimum of 30 minutes a week

Minimum of 30 minutes a week


Minimum of 40 minutes a week

Religious Studies - minimum of 1 hour a week

Minimum of 40 minutes a week




All GCSE subjects


All BTEC subjects

10 & 11

Minimum of 1 hour a week

Minimum of 50 minutes a week


Homework Timetables 2023-2024