Student Voice, Leadership & Participation

We seek our students' views and opinions wherever possible to inform and illuminate our decision-making through all aspects of school life to ensure we are putting our students at the centre of everything we do.

Above: Our new Prefect Team, appointed July 2022

Below: Head Prefects Sam Austin & Daisy Vera




We have 2 Head Prefects and 4 Deputy Head Prefects who collectively represent Year 11 Tutor Groups on the school council, with the 2 Head Prefects representing the whole of Year 11.

All prefects play a pivotal role in communicating student voice and working with the Extended Senior Leadership Team to implement initiatives and ideas.

We also have 10 Senior Prefects, who not only that lead on five priority areas of:

  • Leadership & Management
  • Quality of Education
  • Behaviour & Attitudes
  • Personal Development
  • Community & Charity 

Subject Prefects

We have 50 subject prefects (including the 10 Senior Prefects) who have a responsibility to carry out roles designated by each subject area to support with lessons and extra-curricular activities.

School Prefect Structure 2022

Student Council and Student Voice & Participation

We are particularly proud that our students, through the Student Council, consult with us at every level. 

Tutor Group representatives attend termly meetings to discuss their individual year group ideas and concerns. Following on from this, the elected Year Group representative meet the Student Council Lead, who in turn feedbacks to the Extended Senior Leadership Team and then to Governors via the Headteacher.

Our Student Council provide consultation on everything from providing ideas for fundraising for good causes, whole school projects and Year 11 (who are also Senior Prefects) facilitating tours of school and participating in open evenings and other important school events. 

We believe that for our students, being a member of the Student Council instils a sense of responsibility and pride, not only within the school, but within themselves.

The benefit to Carrington is that we are able to develop and improve our school with student voice being at the centre of everything we do. 

Student Council Handbook 2022-2023

Each half term, one student from each year group is elected to join the Headteacher for Headteacher’s Tea that takes place on a Friday during the late afternoon period.

This is a unique and special invite for students who have achieved the highest credits in their year, have excelled in their subject, gone above and beyond or, have simply just done something selfless to help others.

These students can be elected by their Tutor, Head of Year, a member of the Senior Leadership Team or even by the Headteacher herself.

During this time students will be invited to share a piece of their best work, or share their experiences in school whilst drinking tea and eating cakes with the Headteacher.

Students' parents or carers are informed of their child’s acknowledgement and the student receives a Certificate of Acknowledgement and a Headteacher’s badge.

Science Ambassadors

Science Ambassadors are chosen by the Key Stage Co-ordinators from any year group due to their regular attendance to Science Club and/or those who have shown a keen interest in the broader subject during lessons (sharing science programmes and articles they have watched in their own time with their science teachers and peers for example). Science Ambassadors help out with extra-curricular events, such as running experiments at Open Evening, helping out with visiting Primary schools, and welcoming visitors to the Science Department.

Interview Ambassadors

Each year we invite approximately 45 Year 8 students to become ‘Interview Ambassadors’. This ensures quality recruitment of Staff as they complete all of the interview lessons which take place as part of our recruitment process. This is a means of quality assurance and ensures for a smooth process on the interview days. Students observe the lessons and complete a feedback form afterwards which is then shared with the interview panel. Any Year 8 student is welcome to become an ambassador and the role has proved to be very popular, with students recognising the importance of the role. Once selected, they take part in an afternoon’s training, whereby it is discussed what makes a good lesson and how to write constructive feedback.