School Day

The structure of our school days are different for Key Stage 3 students and Key Stage 4 students so we can continue to keep an element of separation between year groups to prevent congestion in corridors and communal spaces.

Timings also vary across the days of the week allowing us the flexibility to include Excellence Programme sessions, Personal Development, Tutor Time, Mentoring and Assemblies.

Every day students should aim to arrive at school at 8.20 for a prompt 8.30 lesson start.

We end the day on Mondays through to Thursdays at 15.05, and on Fridays at 14.20. Some of our Year 8s, 10s and 11s have an extra Period 8 class on Mondays and Tuesdays which finish at 15.55.

All students are given personalised timetables at the start of term, which can be stored in their Student Planners for easy reference.

Parents and students can also see the individualised timetable on their Go4Schools accounts.