The Atrical Escapes, a KS3 Production

On Thursday 22 June KS3 Drama Club students performed The Atrical Escapes, a play written by Mrs Lockhart, set in a series of different theatrical worlds. The performance was a real showcase of what is taught as part of KS3 Drama as each scene was part of the current curriculum. 

The story saw three teenagers find a magical book that transported them to a series of theatrical worlds. Discovering they were stuck in these magical worlds the three had to solve the witches riddle to find their way back into the real world. 

The play took them to a scene on the moors of Macbeth, into Narnia, into Arthur Miller’s Crucible, Kafka’s Trial, Miss Honey’s classroom and the Train station from The  Curious incident.

The whole cast and crew were fantastic and it was a really great performance once again!