Meet the Kids!

27th April 2024

Friday saw the most exciting event of the school year so far, the arrival of six new goats to the Carrington family!

Since their arrival, students and staff have spent their breaks enjoying the company of these curious creatures who seem to love all the attention they are getting!

The goats are not only here to provide entertainment to us all, they will be used in the education and development of students. 7 Chaplin have already had the opportunity to spend some time with the goats as part of their Forest School session and Year 10 students taking our new Animal Care course beginning in September will also have the opportunity to learn how to care for them. 

We are also pleased to have started Farm Club on a Tuesday after school where students can get up close to the chickens and goats, learning what goes in to looking after animals safely.

Students and staff are currently voting for goat names so be sure to come back and find out what they’ve been called!