Year 8 and 9 Dorset Adventures

9th September 2022

A group of our Year 8 and 9 students enjoyed an action-packed few days in Dorset. The week was bursting with challenging activities, confidence building and blossoming friendships! 

Hallie Daniels, Year 8, sums up her experience...

"Our Dorset trip was an amazing trip! We did so many great activities such as rock climbing, a zip wire, paddle boarding, team boating, orienteering, the silent walk and many others. After a long 3 hour drive we couldn’t wait to see what Rockley had in store for us it but whatever we did we all took part and even the people who aren’t as confident did lots of stuff that took them out of their comfort zone and finished each activity feeling proud of themselves. We always had a 15 minute break in between each activity which left us some time to talk to the people we were sharing a room with, and ask about their activity and even better after a long day we would have dinner and then an hour break to talk to other people and then we would drop our sheets that everyone would fill in and explain about our day.  

Everyday we would always go to bed tired and when we got back everyone missed it a lot it was a great experience hope we can do it again."