Goodbye The Warwick!

9th August 2021

On 1 September 2021 we officially become Carrington School, completing a period of transformation that began in the autumn of 2018 when we first got approval for the Priority Build Project to replace the main school building.

Since then, we have appointed a new Headteacher, moved out of the old main building into the amazing new building, discovered the legacy of Richard Carrington and chosen our new name in honour of his astronomical work, chosen a new uniform, defined our new values and decided on a new logo to represent our vision for the future.

We take with us the unique spirit of community and compassion that defined The Warwick School and we will add to that as we grow and develop. We will all of us forever be proud to have called ourselves "Warwickians" though we step boldly forward to explore our next chapter as Carrington School.