A Drum! A Drum! Macbeth Doth Come...

16th November 2023

On Tuesday our KS3 Drama Club took part in their first showcase of the year as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival. The Coram Shakespeare Schools Theatre Festival is a cultural education project (the largest in the world actually!) that supports young people to perform abridged Shakespeare plays on professional stages. The festival website can be found HERE.

Students spent each week at Drama club this term practising their 30 minute abridged performance of Macbeth and even had the opportunity to attend a workshop with a real theatre practitioner in school prior to the performance, to gain insight into how to bring the script alive and how to best perform a Shakespeare.

After spending the day at the Leatherhead Theatre, having a technical run through and getting used to a professional stage, our students performed in front of a packed audience. They also had the chance to watch other schools taking part in the festival. One particular highlight was watching Shakespeare performed as a pantomime!

The Appraisal of our work, by Marcus Bazley, was really useful and inspiring describing the performance as a "dark and eerie production of Macbeth, from a mature and energetic cast". His full feedback can be read here:

"Something wicked this way comes..." Performance Appraisal by Marcus Bazley

Well done to all the cast and crew who did a fabulous job and we look forward to our next production.