9s Adventure to Bude, Cornwall

10th May 2022

"Year 9 had a great adventure in Bude, the students made the Carrington School staff very proud, and staff had an equally fantastic time on our first trip away post-Covid and under a new name! It was a total pleasure taking these 43 students and three staff on the trip and a week we definitely hope to replicate for other Year Groups in years to come!"

Miss Akhavan, Assistant Headteacher – KS3 and Trip Lead

"Our school trip to Bude was full to the brim with adventure, fun and companionship. Everyone attempted new activities (and mostly succeeded!) and pushed themselves to the limit on a number of occasions. Bodyboarding, surfing, team trail, mountain boarding, kayaking, canoeing and high ropes were all great (I admit tears were shed during my try at the leap of faith) The instructors were very supportive and kind!

The evening activities are also very immersive and didn't fail to get me and my friends screaming at the top of our lungs when an ABBA song played. 

We all had a lovely time and I would love to do something just like it again (maybe minus the early morning runs)."

Florence Saraceno


Our thanks to Miss Akhavan, Mr R Martin, Mr Hanson and Miss Hopkins for accompanying the group, supporting and encouraging everyone to push out of their comfort zones and try new challenges.

It really was special to be once again taking students away from home after such an extended period during the pandemic where this wasn't possible, reminding us just how important these experiences are for our young people. New friends, new skills, new memories, new things we have learned about ourselves!

It is exciting to think of the opportunities for students in Years 7 and 8 ahead as we plan our trip to Marchant's Hill next month, and then to France and Dorset next year.