Route 3

Route 3 is an Alternative Provision for students at Key Stage 3 (Year 7, 8 and 9), led by Mrs Bell and supported by Mr Taylor. A number of factors are considered when highlighting students who would significantly benefit from this unique and nurturing environment, for example, underachievement, low attendance or/and behaviour concerns. This is complemented by an in-depth referral process, which involves students themselves, parents/carers and the staff who work with these young people.

Students will benefit from a 12 week program that is carefully designed around the specific needs of each student, with the aim to rapidly improve their academic development; and support them to self-regulate.

The very small class size, will enable a greater emphasis on personalised learning, where the lessons and activities will be planned with each students’ needs in mind. There will be a high emphasis on learning, alongside bespoke social and emotional support. To enthuse the best possible outcomes for each student, there will be high expectation with regards to behaviour and engagement within the provision. Furthermore, the calm and positive environment will create a protective and inclusive atmosphere that aims to build self-confidence and resilience. Students will be taught a range of techniques and tools that they can draw on, to help them succeed not only in school, but in the ever changing world around them.

The provision is staffed by trained experts focused on supporting the whole child, whether it be a teacher, learning support or mentor. The hands on support and enriched curriculum, supports student development to a level where they can successfully engage and succeed as part of the mainstream at Carrington School upon their return.